Tape extensions

Richy hair

Tape är det hår jag jobbar med till största del. Då kvalitet är viktig för mig så är Richy mitt självklara val.

Här nedan kan du läsa deras information om sig och sitt hår.


Imagine the picturesque canal walk of the pre-historic European city of Maastrich some 30 years ago. From a small table outside a café our father witnessed as countless heads turn in awe and admiration as a woman with glorious divine hair confidently walked by. As her magnificent hair was on the lips of the young and the old, he knew then he had a calling.

Our family helped our father to fulfill his dreams and created our own wig factory in the late 80s with a goal and desire to create unimaginable wigs. It was “haute couturep” fashioned from genuine, natural European hair of the finest quality. This was at a time when most of the market only knew of synthetic hair.


We love our hair and we pride ourselves in hand selecting only the finest and healthiest virgin hair which has never been coloured, permed or processed in any way.

Our hair is ethically sourced from across Europe (Diamond Collection) and provides you with incredible comfort, natural wearing and luster.

Together with our devoted quality teams who perform meticulous testing throughout the process, we ensure your expectations are always exceeded with our immaculate hair quality and its radiant shine.


We handle our hair with great delicacy and care from meticulous hand picking of the finest hairs to our innovative processing technology. 

Our gentle process of de-pigmentation and cold dyeing baths ensure the hair cuticles remain intact and preserve the hair in its natural pristine condition.

Richy does not compromise on quality, which is why we are happy to spend up to 20 days to gently remove dark pigments from tip to root. We use a natural process of extracting the melanin from the hair shafts through a bath. As soon as we get the desired shade of the hair, our cold dyeing bath technique will take place.


We know your hair is precious and unique, and we treat our extensions with the same love and care. Our gentle dyeing process protects the original shine and health of the hair and enhances its full body and color.

With an extensive color collection of single/mixed colors, ombres and dark roots available in variety of lengths and solutions, Richy offers countless options and variations. We aspire to be your perfect partner, whether you look to enhance your natural color or wish to add some playful ombres or balayage.